Webinar: Get the Most from your Greater Public Membership

Your Greater Public membership is designed to shorten your to-do list and help you be even more fabulous at your job.

The Greater Public website is loaded with useful quick-guides, templates, examples, and great copy. We’re developing and refining new resources all the time. And everything we do is available to you, free, with the membership your organization has already paid for.

If you’re not regularly using the Greater Public site to solve some of your day-to-day problems, carve out 30 minutes so Greater Public’s Leah Manners can help you get familiar with what your membership has to offer. Mention your latest nagging professional problem; if we have a solution, Leah will make sure you know how to find it.

We’ve listed this in video format and though it was originally recorded on our webinar platform. Please reach out to Leah directly if you have any trouble accessing the webinar platform.