This collection of recommendations and information will help you continue to build strong support for public media while proposals to remove federal funding are under consideration. Check back for updated resources as the legislative process evolves.

While the current efforts to remove federal funding are alarming, they are not new. The debate over whether or not public media should receive government money is certain to be prolonged.

In the coming months, let these principles be your guide:

1. Stay calm.

Don’t catastrophize. We have a long road ahead. The public media brand relies on trust and integrity. Don’t call that into question by crying wolf.

2. Know your facts.

Be informed about your station’s funding mix. Understand how CPB funding works. Be prepared to communicate with calm authority to donors and sponsors.

3. Don’t mix messages.

Advocacy is important, but keep it contained to your public relations channels. Use fundraising messages to tell your story of extraordinary value and the vital role your supporters play.

Read how stations are communicating the threat to federal funding on Greater Public’s blog, EDGE.

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Quick Facts

Our job as fundraisers is to ensure that the multiple sources of revenue that have always sustained this vital public service continue to thrive.