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Dive into Greater Public’s tools for on-air, direct mail, and online fundraising designed to help you maximize your effectiveness and move donors to their best gift.

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On-Air Giving Fundamentals

An on-air membership drive is the single best way to bring in new members. In some ways it’s also the easiest. You don’t have to lead your audience to the services you provide, because they’ve already made their own choice to listen.

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How to Use the Power of Direct Mail

While snail mail may not generate the high responses it once did in the pre-digital communications era, a well-run direct mail program can still net significant revenue, and serve as a primary driver of higher member-retention rates and new-member acquisition.

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Donor Engagement Checklist

Download this handy checklist to help you manage your donor engagement tasks. Pick a date when you’ll launch the first message, and work backward to assign dates and owners to each task

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