Greater Public Benchmarks helps member stations evaluate their fundraising performance and understand their full potential.

Greater Public’s Benchmarks for Public Radio Fundraising deliver an annual fundraising report unique to your station that can serve to set your fundraising agenda for the coming year.

It has two parts:

  • The Trend Report shows a year-over-year analysis of your station’s net revenue relative to the size of your audience.
  • The Peer Report shows where your fundraising performance falls relative to other stations of a similar format, size, and license type.

Together, these reports demonstrate how your membership, major giving, and underwriting programs perform over time. They also reveal your specific fundraising potential based on the performance of your peers.

Why Benchmarks?

The Benchmarks program is the only research that compares each station’s net revenue relative to the size of its audience so you get an apple-to-apples comparison. Nearly a hundred stations participate in Benchmarks each year, representing a cross section of market and station sizes and accounting for nearly 40 percent of the nation’s public radio listening.

With Benchmarks, you can:

  • Discover where you have headroom to increase revenue.
  • Make the case for increased attention or spending in an undeveloped area.
  • Demonstrate your station’s fundraising efficiency relative to other similar stations.
  • Find out if your fundraising covers your core operating costs.
  • Examine your dependence on institutional subsidies relative to other stations.

Benchmarks is free to all Greater Public members!


Want to learn more? Watch the latest webinar about Benchmarks >>>


How can my station participate?

Step 1:  Download and review our data preparation guide. The guide includes definitions of revenue and expense categories and will help you gather and prepare what you need to participate in Benchmarks.

Step 2: Review step-by-step login and data entry instructions.

Step 3: Submit your station’s revenue and expense data.

Step 4: Dive into your data. We’ll deliver your station’s reports in December or January and schedule an individualized consultation with anyone from your station who wants to understand what your report means for fundraising in the coming year.

RRC/Radio Research Consortium generously supports Greater Public’s Benchmarks project with annual listener hours data.

I pore over our reports the moment they come in! [Those] reports help guide our strategy for the coming year. They tell us where we need to be.

WFDD has experienced a 68% growth in fundraising over the past three fiscal years. Over the past five years, we’ve built a reserve fund to support future needs. I’m not sure we would have had the confidence to strive for that growth if we weren’t looking at our Benchmarks reports and believing them.

— Molly Davis
WFDD in Winston-Salem

Craig Oliver

Greater Public Director of Research

(301) 593-9880 (Eastern Time zone)
Main contact for Greater Public Benchmarks, audience research

Jay Clayton

Greater Public Individual Giving Advisor

(781) 598-8822 (Eastern Time zone)
Main contact for individual fundraising; pledge drive strategy; general membership