Photo of Beverly James

Greater Public Corporate Support Advisor

(206) 660-1447 Pacific Time Zone
Specialty: Corporate support

Beverly James has worked in sales in the radio industry for over twenty five years.  In 2003 she transitioned out of commercial radio into the public radio spectrum.  Starting at KPLU that year, she became Sales Manager in 2005 for the NPR affiliate until 2010 when she left to travel.

From 2012-2016, Beverly helped Nathan Hale High Schools’ radio station KNHC start a sponsorship program to move the station to a self-sustaining model.  In three years she has increased underwriting revenue from $60,000 annually to current levels of over $450,000 and has just added a second sales person.

Beverly’s passion is sailing; she and her husband spent over 12 years completing a circumnavigation on a thirty three foot sailboat.  During that period, they found jobs of all kinds in many countries including both New Zealand and Australia where Beverly was able to work in the radio industry.  Who knew selling spots could travel so well??